My Articles

Here are some of my columns in the Fairfax newspapers:


The Age: Mural plans speaks volumes about our own political leadership

The Age: Mega-billboard on Swanston Street will add nothing and only take away

The Age: The lord mayor wants wider footpaths, how about people get off their phones instead?

Domain: Backyard beekeeping is growing in popularity and easier that you think

The Age: Great Ocean Road is being ruined by production line tourism

The Age: I’m shocked, in a good way, that finally a government has listened

The Age: Lifeguards are not babysitters, nor do we want you to be the next drowning statistic


Sydney Morning Herald: Why does gender still rear its ugly head at Christmas?

Domain: Backyard Chickens

The Age: Religious Education in Schools

Sydney Morning Herald: Halloween

The Age: Finally, I’m in an interesting demographic

The Age: Please don’t shift Melbourne’s problems to my country town

The Age: Making kids do traditional sport is a big mistake

Sydney Morning Herald: A sandwich with a bit less filling

The Age: Time to wake up to the menace of dangerous day-trippers

The Age: In tourism, catering to masses is the obvious idea, not the best

The Age: If we don’t act it will soon be the not-so-Great Ocean Road

Sydney Morning Herald: Don’t wait for the government to take the lead on ethical action

Sydney Morning Herald: I like horses, but I like native animals more

Sydney Morning Herald: I still call Australia … groan

Brisbane Times: Will you end up swiping right … on syphilis

The Age: Things you find out only when it’s windy

Sydney Morning Herald: John Howard on sex ed: thanks but no thanks

Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Wait and see’ attitude to bee threat is not good enough

The Age: Until we sort it out, Airbnb will bring out the worst in some people

Sydney Morning Herald: How Coles could have avoided its plastic bag fiasco

Sydney Morning Herald: If you’re a white English speaker and non-Muslim, welcome to Australia

Sydney Morning Herald: This one’s from the heart and soul